The Problem:

During nationwide protests in November 2019, Iran’s government cut off the Internet for over 80 million people. During that time the authorities attacked and killed hundreds. Since then, the Iranian government has shut down the Internet every time protests take place.

The Brief:

ARTICLE 19 wanted to publish their research and analysis of this situation. They approached me to help make this research more accessible so they could engage policy makers, digital activists, and journalists, to take action against Internet shutdowns in Iran.

My Approach:

I developed a content strategy for this project which was designed to help the widest possible audience understand the risks, ask for accountability and seek out solutions.   This involved the creation of a story arc that focused on teasing apart this highly complex and technical issue into something simple and easy to digest. The aim? Embedding this across multiple content channels yet keeping everything knit together.

I implemented this story arc across the research report, all web and media outputs and across 2 short films that I wrote and directed.

The Result:

Following launch in Oct 2020, the report reached a quarter of a million people, 98% of whom were inside Iran.  I’m especially proud of that bit because it’s proof that we’re reaching those who need it most. The report has received extensive media coverage – including by the BBC, Verge, Wired, CBC and The New York Times ­– and been referenced in United Nations reports, from Special Rapporteurs to the Human Rights Council.